tantouringHave you heard of tantouring?  What is tantouring? It is simply a combination of tanning and contouring to get high cheekbones or a more chiseled jawline. It’s a self-tanner method that helps create a chiseled face as well as a healthy glow.

Did you know that the internet declared contouring to be dead in 2016?

Tantouring is a UK beauty trend that blew up last summer.  The thought is to use self-tanner to get a natural, semi-permanent contour that defines your features. Since self-tanner is simply a stain, it won’t smudge the way regular makeup does, and it looks natural when you’re otherwise barefaced.

To begin with you need to get your skin ready.  You need to exfoliate your face prior to any self-tanning.  This gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin smoother.  This will ensure that you get a nice even application.

Have all your tools at the ready before you begin.  Self-tanner, contour brushes, kabuki brush, tissues, and a makeup sponge.  You’ll have to purchase two different self-tanners, a regular tanner to enhance your skin color and then one that is formulated to be two or three times darker.  Also, select formulas that are made specifically for your face.

When you apply, first apply the lighter shade of self-tanner and use your fingers to spread it evenly on your face and neck.  Gently spread product across your face and down your neck. Wash your hands.  Follow up by blending any edges and darker spots making circular movements using a kabuki brush to mildly polish.  This will remove any potential stains.

Use a second application of self-tanner.  You need to figure out what parts of your face that you want to create definition on.  The best way is to consider where the sun will naturally highlight your face.  Apply darker self-tanner to your jawline with upward strokes from chin to ear.  Keep blending if you want a natural look.  Your soft glowing look should stay for two to three days.

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