This Week In Beauty: Surprising Fall Fads and Beauty Tips

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Fall is the most beautiful of the seasons, when both the summer heat and the bright sunshine mellows down into something more pleasing and nuanced. You’ll find Fall fads and beauty tips to make you feel that way inside.

What beauty trends would you like to try for Fall?

It’s no wonder that Fall is when new beauty trends and product launches happen. Here are some things to mull over – including French beauty tips, hair color, body contouring, perms (yes, they’re making a comeback from the 1980s), and the ultimate solution for glitter nail polish.

All these tips are solidly sourced from reputable publications like Byrdie, Elle, Glamour, Huffington Post and Coveteur.

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This Week In Beauty: Fall Trends, Nail Contouring, Perms & French Beauty Secrets