How to Use Waterproof Makeup

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If you’ve had your makeup smear and smudge, you’ve probably asked yourself how to use waterproof makeup before that next big event.  While waterproof makeup has its benefits (no raccoon eyes at weddings!), it’s important that you follow a few basic rules when using it.

Do you think it’s okay to use waterproof makeup every day?

First of all, while waterproof makeup extends the life of your application, you should avoid using it daily. The agents that make it waterproof are the same agents that will dry your skin and eyelashes.

It’s important to slather on an oil-free moisturizer prior to applying waterproof foundation to ensure that it really stays put. And you don’t want to forget your hydrating makeup primer to create a moisturizing barrier between your skin and the waterproof makeup.

One last thing, before using waterproof makeup, check to make sure that your skin doesn’t have any bad reactions.  There are some people with sensitive skin that can react adversely to waterproof makeup.

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