Try the Latest Lip Trend: The Wet Shimmering Lip

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A perfectly glossy shimmer lip is the holy grail of lip trends, but it can be notoriously hard to achieve. Have you been wanting to try this latest lip trend?

Many swear off lip gloss because of the stickiness factor. Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to make a good impression with your hair stuck to your lips,

Discover how a simple upgrade to premium lip products that work (without the dreaded stickiness factor) can let you achieve the perfect gloss shimmer.

Are you feeling creative and would like to make your own gloss?

Love the shimmer gloss look but can’t seem to find a color that appeals? Find out how to combine your favorite lip color with a sticky free gloss, to perfect that gloss shimmer finish in your dream shade.┬áLearn how to create your own customizable shimmer gloss with a simple eye shadow hack, for a result that is truly unique.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of an understated nude shimmer or something more adventurous, these simple tips and tricks hold the key to the perfect pout. Prepare to pucker up!

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How to perfect the wet shimmery lip