Have You Tried Reverse Shampooing?

photo credit: www.self.com

A pre-shampoo treatment is also called “reverse shampooing”.  This process is simply conditioning your hair prior to shampooing. When you pre-shampoo your hair with condition, it acts as a hydration mask for dry or damaged hair.

What are the benefits of reverse shampooing?

One concern mentioned is whether or not the act of conditioning before shampooing would cause the hair to be greasier. The question was posed of what are the benefits of a pre-shampoo treatment. By conditioning first, the harsh cleansers in shampoo can’t damage the follicles as easily by stripping hair of its natural oils because the conditioner bonds to the hair and acts like a mask. This contributes to a more natural and gentle cleanse. By cleaning the hair in this manner the thought process is that you will see less breakage and have shinier hair.

This can’t be done with just any shampoo and conditioner and the article goes on to provide different examples of products that can be used.

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