Trendy Hair Colors for the Winter

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Winter is the perfect occasion to experiment with trendy hair colors. During the winter, you don’t have to be concerned with which color will fade less in the sun, so it’s an opportune time to try highly pigmented, darker shades.  And darker shades are more fashionable in winter.

Every winter, people find themselves wanting to ditch the sun-kissed highlights from the summer in favor of a deeper, richer hair color—perhaps in part due to the chill in the air.

Is it easier to manage lighter or darker hair colors?

In general, darker hair colors are easier to manage in the winter months. Because the sun (or lack thereof), isn’t as strong and you aren’t constantly exposing your strands to its UV rays, fading is less of a a risk factor.  Also, most looks can be refreshed with a hair gloss or color-depositing conditioner to buy time between salon appointments. Try going for a color about two shades darker than your natural hue

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