Tools for Stress-free Beauty

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Everyone could use clever tools or hacks for stress-free beauty.  Let’s face it, putting on make-up doesn’t have to take an exorbitant amount of time.

If you’re running late for work and can’t get your mascara on right, you may need some of these time-saving tips to help you speed up your beauty routine.  You can use some of these life-hack solutions to get your daily beauty rituals done that much sooner.

Putting tape or a business card just under your eyes can help you if you’re going for a “winged-eye” look. If your eyelashes need curling, try heating a teaspoon and press on the lashes a few times.  And if your eyes are puffy, use the teaspoon again but this time place it in the freezer for a while.  When it’s nice and cold, place it under your eyes to get rid of any bags.

You can even use a bronzer to temporarily color your hair for an “ombre” look.  These and other tricks can save you lots of time at the bathroom counter.

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