Tips to Make Your Makeup Last

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It’s never easy to keep your makeup flawless all day long. You can layer primers and foundations designed to last, but it can be cumbersome.  You don’t have to make it difficult.  With a couple tips to make your makeup last, you’re look will be fresh and glowing all day long.

It takes a bit of work to keep your makeup fresh all day, but it’s worth it. You can carry your beauty product around and touch it up throughout the day, or you can try something even more simple to keep your makeup from fading away.

Do you know the difference between a prep spray and a setting spray?

Prep sprays are basically used to help your make up stay in place no matter what you do throughout your busy day! Prep sprays are specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of unsightly acne or red spots.

A prep or setting spray feels nice on your skin and it keeps your makeup in place all day long.  Prep sprays are designed to diminish pores and redness, moisturize and make your skin soft prior to applying any makeup.  And you can even use these formulas for a quick refresh so your makeup won’t smudge or smear.

Setting sprays can be used in replacement of setting powder, or you can combine the two together for twice the protection.  A long-lasting setting spray is lighter than powder but has similar staying power. They were specifically designed to set your makeup and keep it in place.  There are even brands that will help lower the temperature of your foundation so you can keep it on no matter what.

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