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Remember how amazing the 1990s were?  From the spacebuns to the glitter eyes? As with everything else in fashion, some of those trends are making a comeback right now.  Glitter makeup is actually in fashion again! Nothing makes a girl feel quite as glamorous as a quick sprinkling of the pixie dust known as glitter.

Have you tried body glitter or glittered hair roots?

Now that it’s back, though, the real question is: how to wear it? The good news is, you’re not just stuck with glittery bodysprays. Five trends are explored, from glitter body-paint jewelry to glitter lips to the pretty delightful mess of glitter roots.

If those are too adventurous, there is always glitter eyeliner or glitter eyeshadow. Keep reading to see what works and what you should try, and what you should leave on the shelf. Okay, glitter might not be for everyday unless you are a princess or a rockstar, but everyone wants a little time to… shine.

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