Surprising and Helpful Uses for Hair Conditioner

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Do you have a cupboard filled with unused hair conditioners that didn’t work for your hair, but you didn’t have the heart to throw away?  Who would have thought hoarding would be a good thing?  There are so many surprising uses for something as simple as hair conditioner.

We have all been in a bind where we need something for our beauty regime immediately and don’t have time to run to the store and get it. Hair conditioner can be your go-to product.

Do you want smooth and soft legs but you are out of shaving cream?

Did you realize that you don’t need foam to get a velvety soft shave?  Hair conditioner works really well keeping your legs smooth.  If you need to shave your legs but have run out of shaving cream, hair conditioner will keep your legs smooth and nick free.

Often, after cleaning makeup brushes, when they dry, they tend to harden and stiffen.  To keep them from drying with a hard and crunchy texture after cleaning, just soak them in a solution of conditioner and water to keep them supple.  They will not only be clean, but also super soft and smell great.

Lastly, if there is ever a time that you run out of fabric softener, just reach for that “handy dandy” hair conditioner.  It can be used to keep clothes soft and full of fragrance, and the ingredients in hair conditioner are perfectly safe for your clothes.

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