Special Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

photo credit: www.makeup.com

Do you have sensitive eyes?  There are special makeup tips specifically designed for sensitive eyes.  And although you may not be aware of it, if your eyes are sensitive, you may need to take special care when using eye makeup.

Eye shadow, liner, and mascara are staples in any makeup arsenal. Unfortunately, these products can also be the culprits behind watery, burning, itchy or uncomfortable eyes.

Makeup pro Rachel Halsey shares six easy, practical tips on how to keep up your beauty regimen without irritating your sensitive peepers.  You may be surprised by some of the tips, including how even the color of your eye makeup could be to blame for your eye irritation. ,

Whether it’s using specific products designed with easily irritated eyes in mind, paying attention to and reading makeup expiration dates, or avoiding unintentional bacteria swapping, you can find beauty products that will not irritate your eyes.

How long should you keep your mascara for?

Up to three months maximum is the length of time to keep your mascara.  These need to be changed frequently to avoid any eye irritation.  Periodically you should go through your makeup and toss the older product out even if there’s some left.

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Eye Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes