Makeup Tutorial: Have you heard of the Sooty Eye?

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The smoky eye look has been around for centuries, and recently it has been updated to a new look called the sooty eye. Like the smoky eye, it involves using dark eye shadow with eyeliner. However, unlike the smoky eye, the sooty eye look is more oily and slick.

Here you’ll learn how to create this contemporary twist on the smoky eye.  This is different than the smoky eye in that you have a more oily look.  The real trick to getting this this look is to use a thin coating of face oil.

What is the best foundation for your eye shadow?

Always begin with a primer on your whole eyelid and let it set prior to applying your eye shadow.  This will help stop your makeup from creasing and smearing.  Next use a cream-based eye shadow on your lower lids.  Use a makekup brush to spread and diffuse the shadow outside of the crease.  It is suggested to use a water-resistant soft black or a slate color eye shadow.  Follow up with a gel eyeliner to line the perimeter of your eye.  And finally, finish up with some face oil.  You can use your fingers and apply a thin layer of oil on your lower lids only.  This helps to define your sooty eye.

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