Simple Tricks and Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick

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If you follow the simple tricks and tips for applying matte lipstick, you can get an amazing matte lip without the usual dry lip side effect. Matte lips look great when photographed but many matte lipsticks can cause your lips to feel dehydrated.  Makeup professional, Huda Kattan, offers her simple tricks for achieving that flawless matte lip look without the cracked, dry sensation.

Can you really wear matte lipstick without feeling dry and cracked?

When you add matte lipstick to dehydrated and dried out lips you will be left with with a wrinkled texture that you won’t like.   The first step in avoiding this disaster is to exfoliate your lips using a professional scrub or a do-it-yourself mix of brown sugar and olive oil.  This helps to create a soft and smooth foundation for your lipstick application.

Kattan also explains that you need to moisturize your lips prior to lipstick application.  Lip balm is an indispensable second step in applying matte lipstick, but just use a smidge so your lips don’t get greasy and shiny.  Follow your lip balm up with a lip primer.  This will help fill in any lines or wrinkles. And finally, top it all off with a lip liner and then lipstick.

So the steps in order are as follows: first exfoliate, then apply a dab of balm, lip primer, and finally lip liner and lipstick.  And to stop your lipstick from smearing and make it stay all day, simply dust lightly with some loose translucent powder.  Follow these simple tips when applying matte lipstick and keep your lips looking fabulous.

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