Professionals Favor Using Angled Makeup Brushes

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Everyone knows that makeup brushes are an essential part of any makeup regime.  And as women, many of us love walking down the beauty aisle.  However, at at times it can be a bit overwhelming.

What do you need? What kind of tool is it, and how do I use it?

This is particularly important when it comes to looking at the different brushes and applicators.  It seems like they are coming out with new brushes every single day, and that can make the process even more overwhelming.  Professionals are recommending using an angled makeup brush.

There are actually 6 different angled brushes that you should keep in your makeup bag of tricks. The angled eyeshadow brush,  bent-tipped brush, wedged sponge, angled contour brush, angled eyebrow brush, and finally an angled fluffy brush.

The angled eyeshadow brushes are usually a bit more dense than eyeshadow brushes, which allows the brush to add even more color and intensify the outer corner of the eye.  This brush makes applying eyeshadow so much easier.

An angled contour brush is vital for sculpting your cheeks.  The shape of the brushes were created for the natural shape of your face.  This makes contouring not as intimidating.  You should use the angled edge to put bronzer in the hollow of your cheeks.

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