Eyelash curler for curled lashes – extend eyelashes with lash comb – brush
Eylash curler with 3 refill pads

Professional Eyelash Curler & Lash Brush Set – Lash Curling System Curls – Extends – Lifts & Lengthens for Amazing Lashes + Eyelash Comb to Separate Eyelashes & 3 Refill Pads

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BEST EYELASH CURLER and LASH COMB FOR AMAZING LASHES – Curl – separate – and lengthen your eyelashes with this professional eyelash curling system.  Whether you want Natural Looking Eyelashes or perfectly applied fake lashes the CrayZ Curler System is the premium product to enhance your lashes and complete your eye makeup no matter what look you want to achieve. Curl before application of your mascara or faux extensions and your lash look will be flawless.

EYELASH CURLER – NO-PINCH PAIN-FREE for EYES & FACE – the Studio ZONE CrayZCurler Eyelash Curler has a compact design to ensure no pinching on your eye or your face. Some larger curlers pinch the skin under your eyes which can be damaging to your delicate skin. The CrayZCurler hinge has been specially designed to avoid pinching so you can get perfectly curled lashes without any pain or crazy positioning. Plus no need to heat your curler for great results. The curler can be heated and used hot if preferred but dramatic CURLED lashes can be yours without heat.

ERGONOMIC SPRING BACK SOFT HANDLE WITH METAL FACE FOR CLEAR VIEW OF LASHES- The perfect mix of classic and modern design gives you the style you want with the function you need. Black-faced curlers make it hard to see your lashes while you curl them. To get the perfect curl you need to see your lashes during the curling process. Our contemporary CARBON STEEL face means you can see your lashes while in the curler. Additionally, the modern soft black handle with SPRING BACK functioning create the PERFECT RESISTANCE for you as you apply PRESSURE to attain your curl. The SILICONE  PADDING is soft enough to allow for a cushioned bed for your lashes while still being firm enough to give your lashes the push you need for curly eyelashes every time.


STUDIO ZONE COSMETICS GUARANTEE – Professional Make-up artists know that Studio quality  is a must for getting a consistent curl to your lash. We have included clear step by step instructions for getting your lashes longer, lengthened, separated and curled. The included lash comb will prep your lashes for the curl and then help you get them primed for your mascara. We are so confident that Dramatic Lashes can be yours that we back the CrayZCurler with Studio Zone’s unconditional money back guarantee.

CrayZCurler EYELASH CURLING SYSTEM includes – (1) Carbon Steel Professional Eyelash Curler with ERGONOMIC COMFORT GRIP Spring Back Handle (1) Perfect Eyelash Comb / Lash Separator (can also be used for brows)  (3) Lash Curler Refill – Replacement Pads (1) How-To Instruction Tutorial on Box for Your Best Curled Eyelashes. (1) Beautiful Pink and Black Gift Box.

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Product Description


This Eyelash Curler Makes  Difference!

If You Want Beautiful Perfectly Curled Eyelashes?

Now it’s easy with the CrayZCurler Eyelash Curling System by StudioZONE
See & Feel The Difference

Eyelash Curlers are not all the same. If you want a lash curler that does not pinch your skin or one that doesn’t kink and crimp your lashes, than this Eyelash Curling System belongs in your eye makeup kit.

~ Compact design fits WITHOUT PAINFUL PINCHING of eye or skin on your cheekbone
~ SPRING BACK ACTION creates the PERFECT RESISTANCE as you apply PRESSURE to attain your curl
~ STEP-BY-STEP Instructions to a get Studio Quality consistent eyelash curl just like Professional Make-up artists
~ Unpainted CARBON STEEL = see your lashes while you insert them
~ Seeing lashes as PRESSURE is applied gives you greater control to ensure lashes aren’t pulled or crimped
~ Stylish GIFT BOX in pink and black

This Eyelash Curler is used by professional makeup artists in the Studio, on the Set, and on Themselves.

The CrayZCurler Set isn’t just an Eyelash Curler – it’s a complete eyelash curling system. It teaches how to get an even curl from root to tip.

This State of the Art lash curling system includes a Lash Separator Comb to separate – lengthen – and extend your lashes before and after curling – get control and precision. BONUS pad included – curler pads don’t need replacement – but ask any make-up artist and they will confirm you should no matter curler you use.

Makeup is an art and this system is designed to bring out the artist in you.


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