Popular Eyebrow Styles for the Winter

photo credit: www.dailybeautyhack.com

Popular eyebrow styles for the winter are heavier and darker.  Winter is typically the time for all things dark and heavy in a look, so heavy brows are no exception. A hugely popular look this winter is to wear brows darker and only lightly tweezed, just enough to keep them in a certain shape. Bold eyebrows are here to stay.

Can you wear your eyebrows bushy yet sculpted?

The tricky part of bold brows is that if they’re not trimmed exactly right, you could veer into a caveman sort of look. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to sculpt your brows to have defined arches. Also, you could add some clear mascara to your brows to hold them in place.  You’ll still want to maintain fairly thick eyebrows but they will be neat and defined.

Some heavy eyeliner and bright lip color will add balance to your face if you have a bold brow.  You could try highlighting the topmost part of your eyebrow, and then follow up with highlighting under the brow arches to make your bold brow look even more appealing.

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