Organizing Beauty Products with this Simple App

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Organizing beauty products will save you from feeling overwhelmed with all of the items that you have. Nail polishes, eyeliners, blush, bags, makeup tools it piles up fast. And to complicate matters, you keep acquiring more stuff. So how do you keep the old stuff handy and easy to find.

How are you keeping track of your beauty items?

There is a constant source of joy when you get to play with new beauty products, but it’s not easy to keep track of everything. Ideally you would catalog your beauty items and file them – but you would need a degree in library science to get all this stuff sorted out.   Who has the time?

Well, help is at hand. There’s a wonderful app just out that is created expressly to solve this problem. This user-friendly app offers a fun way to keep track of all those pesky beauty products. And what’s more, there’s an option for customizing folders for wish lists, favorite products and current routines.

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