No-Makeup Look to Beat the Heat

The new trend in Hollywood and elsewhere seems to be taking off: it’s a daring look that not all women can pull off. It’s freeing, fun and radical. So what it is this new trend? Not wearing makeup!
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The new trend in Hollywood of getting a makeup-less look seems to be really taking off.  It’s a daring look that not all women feel comfortable pulling off, but it’s freeing, fun and radical.

Will you leave your house without makeup?

Stars like Alicia Keys are showing up at major events makeup-free. One college student, Alyssa Tufts of ASU feels liberated by this new movement and has jumped on the bandwagon. She says she now feels like makeup is a more of a luxury rather than a necessity.

And if you don’t feel like wearing makeup, there are alternatives.  There is actually product that will care for your skin and not clog your bores.  You could wear a tinted moisturizer and/or a tinted lip balm.  It can be a physical release and a mental cleaner for you to go out with no makeup and still feel good about yourself.

Each woman must decide whether to wear makeup or not.  If it’s too hot and you are not prepared, your makeup can slide right off your face. Combining primer with your foundation can give you a look that lasts for hours and hours.For makeup to having staying power, it’s important to use quality products. Makeup artists advocate using a high-quality primer and long-wearing liquid foundation together to get a natural makeup look that will last.

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