Nail Shaping Tutorial

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When you go to get your nails done, who knew that you need to think about and prepare for what shape you want in advance?  Square or oval are not your only options anymore.

There are square nails, round ones, ovals, and a combination.  Square nails are flat on top with sharp and straight corners.  This style is trendy among those with shorter nails or those having long nail beds. Round is great for shorter nails as well, but it’s more of a traditional shape.

Now if you want to try a combination, why not try square and oval (or “squoval”).  This is where the corners are softened but still square-shaped.  Now as for oval, this shape is actually not the same as round nails.  They are filed down more on the sides as well as at the tips.  It is said to make fingers appear thinner.

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