Nail Care for the Winter

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Take a good look at your nails. Are your cuticles dry?  Do you see ridges? Or are you just looking to make your nails stronger?  Proper nail care for the winter can give you new nails in the new year.

January is a time of resolutions.  It is a time to put your best foot forward and better yourself. We put additional focus on our health.  Strong women deserve strong nails, so make proper nail care a part of your everyday health regime.

Do you know what tools to use to take care of your nails?

There are tools you’ll need to take care of your cuticles before putting anything on them.  Your nails need to be in good condition from the beginning if you want your manicure to look its best. You should use a metal pusher and a nipper along with some cuticle oil to prevent your nails from getting dried out.

When your nails are properly cared for, begin with your nail primer, followed by a base coat, top coat, and a finisher!  The last impression is just as important as the first, so complete your nail care routine with a quality finisher.

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