Nail Artist Talks about Style and the Ultimate Manicure

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Nail artist Taryn Multack knows about style and the ulimate manicure as well as entrepreneurship.  She shares her own journey that lead to working as a nail artist and a manager of social media.

Do you love what you do?

Her secret to happiness was to follow her unique passion and to make strong connections with others in the field.  Taryn encourages other young entrepreneurs to work hard and jump right in, no matter how intimidating it may be. Her interest in fashion drives her work in social media and in her own business.

She is inspired by patterns from fashion designs that many would not be able to afford.  She translates it into art for nails, and makes it accessible to everyone. This creative approach has been influenced by her career in various fashion internships. Her story is inspiring to women interested in business, as is her breadth of knowledge about fashion and trends.

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