Most Important Beauty Tool: Makeup Brushes

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The most important beauty tool is one you’re familiar with, the makeup brush. So many woman of all ages love make-up and make-up kits.

What is the most important tool in your beauty arsenal?

Ciara Quinn, an avid makeup fan and an entrepreneur, realized how hard it is to find good quality make-up brushes in any kit. And the only decent brushes available were very expensive. All of this led to her decision to do some research on make-up brushes, which ultimately led to her designing her own line of makeup brushes.

In 2012 she launched her own quality brush at a reasonable price. Simply by realizing that there was a lack of quality brushes in the industry, she established and manufactured make-up brushes known as “Hero” brushes.  The hero brush is a flat-head brush that works to buff product into the skin so it blends seamlessly.

Quinn soon started to put together collections so people would learn which brushes to use on what part of the face. The Phoenix Collection is for your eyes, the Diva Collection is for eyebrows, Desire for lips and concealer, and the Angel Collection for powder and bronzers.

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