Most Men Don't Love Makeup but Who Cares

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No matter how hard we try to educate men, it seems today they are clueless as to what is fashionable and fashion forward. While most men don’t love makeup, is it really up to them?  While your boyfriend might love long straight hair and traditional outfits void of fun accents and unusual patterns, you have choices.

So have fun and add a splash of color and some fashion forward trends to your day. It’s time to try a pixie haircut, bushy boy eyebrows or a fresh manicure. Guys pretend not to like a trace of lipstick on your face but that’s not true.  Secretly men love it.  And while current trends are pushing for women to go makeup-free, it’s okay to want to be playful and try some false eyelashes to get a certain look.

Which makeup look would you not give up even if your man asked you to?

Beauty is indefinable.  It is more about how you feel, not so much about what you look like.  Everyone wants to do and wear things that makes them feel good about themselves.  However, most guys are not really on board with too much fuss.  It may seem off-putting to men if you wear false eyelashes, chipped manicures, and sticky lip gloss to name a few, but who cares!

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