Everyone needs mascara tips to make eyes pop and give you that refreshed look.  Don’t forget to apply your mascara because it is a crucial part of your beauty regimen. With useful tips and tricks, application can become easier and quicker.

Mascara Tips to Make Eyes Pop

photo credit: www.makeup.com

Although, you may not normally use colored mascara (other than black), try using blue or purple on some occasions. Using different colors can showcase the whites of your eyes, which can be useful on the days you may look tired.

Using baby powder can give your lashes a more thickened look. Dust a little powder on your lashes after your first coat of mascara, wait, and then apply your final coat of mascara.

Looking down when applying mascara can be another useful trick. This will give you more coverage of the lashes and lessen the chance of getting mascara on your eyelids.

With a little practice and use of these tips, applying mascara will now become more deliberate and less haphazard.  For even more mascara tips to transform your beauty routine, read the original article here:
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