Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

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Mascara seems simple enough.  There’s no need for instructions really, right?  For those using mascara, this train of thought could inadvertently do more harm than good. There are important mascara mistakes to avoid..

To begin with, twist the wand as you pull it out of the mascara tube.  Don’t pump it assuming you’re getting more mascara and that this will lengthen your lashes even more.  Not true.  What you’re doing is introducing air (and bacteria) into the mascara tube, which will make it dry out fast.

If you don’t want to have a clumpy look, or worse, to chop your eyelashes off, do not curl your lashes after applying mascara.  If you forget to curl your eyelashes prior to mascara application, just skip that part of your regime for the day.

Are you sleeping with your mascara on?

And although it’s said often enough, it does bear repeating, remove your mascara before bed (along with the rest of your makeup).  If you wash your makeup off at the end of the day, you are risking substantial irritation (and even acne), but even scarier, it can also make your lashes brittle and eventually lead them to fall out.

You probably had no idea what mascara mistakes you were making until now.   It is important to know how to use makeup correctly, and how to avoid any errors.  For more about mascara mistakes that could be ruining your eyelashes, read the original article here;

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