Makeup Tutorial: Using Eyeshadow as a Highlighter

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Have you been looking for a quick and easy makeup tutorial using eye shadow as a highlighter?  Looking for a way to add a bit of versatility to your makeup? One great makeup hack is using eye shadow as a tool to highlight your face. Using eye shadow as a highlighter is a simple method if you know how to use it correctly.

Did you know that you can use any eye shadow that complements your skin tone as a highlighter?

To begin with, you need to find eye shadow that has a bright, glowing tone that goes with your skin to act as a highlighter. The more you sparkle, the better. There is a certain guideline for highlighting according to your skin tone. It is super easy to find exactly what shade you need with the chart in this article explaining which hue and tone to use based on your skin tone.

Highlighting works great using cream-based eye shadows.  You can use your finger for application. Or you can use a bigger makeup brush to apply highlighting eye shadow to your whole face for an all-over glowing look.

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How to highlight your face using eye shadow