Makeup Tutorial for a Natural Look

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We all love a night out on the town dressed to impress, make-up included. Unless we are A-list celebrities, our lifestyles do not require us to wear red carpet makeup on a daily basis.  However, makeup is still a daily routine for most of us, so we could all use a makeup tutorial for a natural look.

Can you get a natural, glowing look with makeup?

The natural look has taken over, and we all strive to have that natural glow.  You may be wondering how that is possible, without wearing to much makeup. Well, there is a way to look natural and glowing with the proper step-by-step guide to show you how.  In a few short steps you can have that natural glow.

Simply begin with a cleansed and moisturized face and apply your primer.  Wait a few minutes between steps.  Apply your foundation and then concealer next.  Give that some time to settle in your skin.  Now apply your powder to set your makeup.  Put on bronzer and a sweep of blush onto your cheeks.  Use highlighter on your cheekbones. Now for your eyes, always use eye shadow primer to keep shadow from creasing.  Now apply mascara, eyebrow powder, and complete your look with a shiny nude lip gloss.

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