Makeup Tutorial for a Job Interview

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All of us know the dreaded situation: it is the morning of an important job interview, and you stare in the mirror completely uninspired. You can make it easier on yourself by getting the perfect going-to-an-important-meeting look by following this simple makeup tutorial for a job interview.

Establishing a great first impression is a promising start to a job interview in any field, and part of that can be achieved via polished and professional looking make-up.

How much makeup should you wear for a job interview?

Meg Roberts guides readers through a make-up checklist that is sure to win over any interviewer in your midst. Start with the base, move onto eyes and lips, and finish up with some highlights— easy, fast, durable for a long interview day, and sure to yield gorgeous and memorable results. With Meg’s make-up tips under your tool belt, you will walk into that interview beautiful, confident, and ready to work!

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