Makeup Tutorial for Aging Skin

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There is not a lot of information out there about makeup for aging skin. That may be why there has been so much focus on the latest YouTube makeup tutorial for senior citizens by Lisa Eldridge.  She did not publicize or promote her video but traffic has grown due to word of mouth.

It has been viewed nearly 263,000 times in the last two weeks.  This is one of the rare online beauty videos directed at an older audience.  Many women complain that there is not enough beauty tips for those struggling with age spots and wrinkles.

Do you think that since you’re getting older, you need to stop wearing makeup?

Eldridge keeps her website full of insider tips from her decades of experience working with women of every age, skin tone and background.  She firmly believes that there is makeup for everyone and it’s best to not simply follow the trends.  Your products don’t need to cost a lot for them to work.  You just need to use a makeup routine that works with your skin.

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