Makeup Tutorial: Find Your Undertone

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Discovering your ideal makeup shades can from time to time seem like a never-ending battle. If you don’t get the right shade for your skin, you can end up with a pasty, sallow, or greenish look.

As soon as you find your skin’s undertones, picking the top beauty products will be so much simpler. You can easily discover the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone.  And you’ll be able to find your perfect shade of foundation that blends perfectly once you discover if you have warm, neutral, or cool undertones.

What is your skin undertone?

Your undertone is the suggestion of color that peeks through your skin, and it can critically effect your skin’s general shade. It’s crucial that you know the difference between the color of the external layer of skin and the tones below the surface.

Confusing skin color and skin tone is a universal error that can immediately make your makeup look off.  Makeup artist Yolanda Frederick tells SELF “…the major difference between the two is that surface color varies as the seasons change.  But no matter what, you still have the same undertone.”

There are a few ways you can figure out what undertone category you fall into. The most well-liked method is examining your veins on the inside of your wrists. If they look blue, you’re in the cool array. Green veins will put you on the warm range. And if you feel like you can’t figure out if you’re blue or green, you’re in the neutral family.

When you’re looking for foundation, don’t attempt to match the colors on the surface. Instead, you need to look to your undertones. You must find a foundation color that imitates the warmth or coolness of your skin tone. When you are aware of which category you fall into, you’ll be skilled at using makeup that compliments your complexion.

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