Makeup Tutorial: The '90s Makeup Revival of the Matte Lip

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The revivial of the matte lip is happening now.  You can modernize the ’90s matte lip from back in the day with a whole new palette. Join in on the hottest lipstick colors by appreciating an era of vibrant colors and soft subdued hues.

What’s your favorite bright matte lipstick?

Inspired by iconic cities, these lipstick colors will make you feel like you’ve traveled the world. Bangkok’s royal purple, San Juan’s sweet orange, and Cannes subtle pink lipstick are perfect for every occasion when you want to rock out, stand out, or go for a classic look.

To make your lipstick on fleek, follow the four simple steps to create a smile that will last throughout the day. All you need are four of your own favorite products to create an effortless look.  Grab your primer, lip liner, lipstick, and concealer to ensure that you’re lipstick-ready for any occasion.

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A New Take on the ’90s Matte Lip