Makeup Style for the Winter

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There are a lot of statement-making beauty trends this winter. And you can find a makeup style for the winter that is actually wearable for everyday use, and looks chic on women of all ages.

This winter’s current trends range from using darker colors to stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different.

This winter is all about combining dark eyes and bright red lips. When it comes to dark smokey eyes and bright red or deep ruby lips, they contrast very nicely.  Let’s face it, a dark smoky eye and a bright red lip are amazing when combined.

Have you tried the super-easy highlighted glowing look?

A popular trend this season is to create a glowing and highlighted look. To do this simply apply highlighter to the center of your forehead, the inside corners of your eyes, your cheeks, and above the Cupid’s bow.  And one more dramatic and eye-catching trend this winter uses gold eye shadow with a deep, dark cat eye drawn right above the lashes. The dark liner adds a nice contrast with the brilliant gold shadow.

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