Makeup for the Holiday Season

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There are many different ways in general that you can look amazing by trying out a variety of trends with your makeup for the holiday season. It’s not over yet!

Do you want super sexy and dramatic eyes?

When it comes to the cat eye there is a new glitzy look that you can try. This includes pairing it with a bit subtler eye shadow.  You need to make sure that your colors are in the same family or complement each other. When it comes to the smoky eye, blending is the biggest key.

And if you want a cat eye sharp enough to cut through glass, using rose gold is a glittery twist on the classic cat eye. The gold is bright enough to make your eyes pop without being overwhelming, and it’s very much in style right now. In addition, it looks good on every skin type and adds elegance to your appearance.  Pair it with a more subtle eye shadow and let your eyes  be amazing.

And finally for the winter season, go with a blue smokey eye.  You need to make sure to switch up your grey and black for a brighter version. Your eyes will pop when you blend the lighter and darker shades together. To soften the look of winged eyeliner you can trace your bottom lid with white. With cut creases and a small dash of glitter you’ll make a huge statement.

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