aa-essential-skin-solMake-up artists have taken over YouTube when it comes to makeup tutorials. We all want to look like a celebrity, and feel like a million bucks.  With makeup expert beauty tips, you can!

What if there were makeup secrets that have less to do with your makeup and more to do with your daily skincare routine?

Sure, having a few touch ups during the day does not hurt, but there is more to looking great than what you brush on your face. Take a moment to find out a few little secrets that makeup artists are sharing about your daily routine.

Hopefully you wash and moisturize your face each day, but are you exfoliating regularly?  Exfoliation is key to getting rid of those built-up dead skin cells that create a barrier to your skin products.  Moisturizer and serum penetrate your exfoliated skin much better. It’s suggested to exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week.

Concealer is crucial.  You can use it full strength or dilude it with some moisturizer to give a more sheer look. Concealer is multi-purpose in that it covers blemishes and dark circles.  An extra tip about concealer is to do a light swipe of it u  the areas where you’re going to put your highlighter.  This will help your highlighter have more staying power.

To make sure all of your makeup has staying power, always set it with a setting spray.  You can even spray a little bit on your makeup sponge and use it to tap your T-zone for a stronger application.

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