Makeup Blunders to Avoid

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You may be making some makeup blunders when it comes to your makeup application.  If you love makeup, then you know what a fantastic way it is to express your imagination and distinctive style.  And your style is intended to be enjoyable.  As long as you’re following the rudimentary guidelines for basic makeup, and then adding your own creativity, your look will be flawless.

Are you doing the same makeup routine every single day?

You’ve had the same makeup routine for years, but you may be missing some common makeup blunders that you really want to avoid because they can make you look ridiculous. “Less is more” is something that many modern women try to abide by, (unless its in reference to the cost of makeup of course).  You don’t want to look like you’re hitting the clubs during your daily life.

Another common mishap is forgetting to apply makeup to your neck.  You must invest in brushes or sponges, or you can simply apply with your hands. Make sure you blend your makeup into your neck.  Nothing looks sillier than a tan or bronzed face sitting on top of a pale white neck.

Lastly, not investing in high-quality products including makeup, lotions, toners and products that are meant to maintain the integrity of your skin, is probably one of the most important things to consider when wondering whether or not you’re doing right by your skin.  If you want your makeup to stay on all day and more importantly, have safer ingredients, then you need to invest some time and money getting the right beauty product.

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