Makeup Basics Blush Mistakes to Avoid

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Makeup basics include blush application.  Blush is a favorite way to look healthy and fresh-faced. Without it, skin can have a tired and washed out appearance.   Blush brings just the right amount of color that pulls your look all together.  With the professional tips in this article you will be on your way to having a fresh glowing face.

Blush application is a potential problem area for makeup users. There is a warning to heed when it comes to blush – with a few simple wrong swipes you could unexpectedly end up looking like a clown.

Are you applying your blush correctly?  Are you using the right tools?

Blush is an essential step in a basic makeup routine. It always adds color to the face and, unlike, say, eyeliner, is used in a few spots with special techniques. It can sculpt, when added under cheekbones or jaw, and make your face look younger when applied to the apples of the cheek.

It’s an important decision to make when it comes to purchasing the right blush.  You want to make sure you get the right color and type of blush that is designed specifically for your skin.  Something else to consider, do you want powder, cream, or a stain?

When applying be careful not to go overboard with your blush.   Do you know where to apply it on your face (not too high and not too low), so that you hit the right contouring?  Always start with a small amount so you can add as needed.  Also, make sure to blend your blush so you don’t end up with two perfect circles in the middle of your face.

With the right application and good tools, blush can be your best makeup trick.  For a more in-depth understanding of basic makeup application using blush, please see the full article in here:

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