Makeup Artists' Tips to Avoid Beauty Blunders

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Makeup artists’ tips are super helpful when it comes to makeup and contouring. However, there are so many makeup tutorials out there, and they are not all referring to the same technique. So while the wealth of information out there is definitely great for people trying to learn the makeup ropes, this amount of information can end up making anyone feel overwhelmed.

However, makeup application doesn’t have to be confusing, and instead can be simple if you know how to do it properly.  The following are a few secrets that celebrity makeup artists are sharing with you:

Are you using a makeup primer before applying your makeup?

Tips include choosing the right makeup brushes and how to keep them germ-free and clean.  Another important bit of advice is to always apply primer to your face to create a nice, smooth foundation for your makeup.

Next, make sure you are applying your makeup in natural daylight to make sure you can see where you might need a bit more blending.  And when applying foundation, make sure to cover your entire face and blend with your neck.  To help even more, use the Beautyblender sponge to up your blending game.

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