Makeup Artist Creates Amazing ExhibitMakeup Artist Dain Yoon does more than just apply makeup to herself.  She is a true makeup artist in every sense of the word.  Dain creates works of “optical” art on her body and then she posts her videos and photographs on Instagram. She has amassed over 25,000 followers due to her incredible creativity and flawless application of makeup.

Very often she disappears into the background and you can’t tell tell which part of the artwork is human from the background she is blending herself into. She delights in how the audiences discover new ‘perspectives’ as they take closer looks.

Since she is often the subject of her own pieces.  Her visually-stimulating work can be challenging to bring to life.  In order to apply makeup to herself, she needs to look at her image in the mirror the entire time, which can oftentimes make her dizzy.  This adds a whole new level of difficulty to the process making it challenging and quite complicated.

This process can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to finish. She uses many cosmetic products, acrylic paint, body paints, and straightens her hair to produce some of the most visually-spectacular makeup art displays you will find on the internet.  She seamlessly blends into the artwork in her videos and photos, creating a stunning optical illusion.

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Artist creates mesmerizing optical illusion makeup displays