Full Lips Can be Yours

photo by: self.com

I love this article!  From makeup magic to homemade lip scrubs, look at all the ways you can make your lips the most kissable ever.  Recommendations are under $30 each, which makes the article especially useful advice to anyone on a budget that still wants their lips to stand out and look fuller.

Do you want to make your lips look fuller without surgery?

If you’re looking to make your lips look bigger, make sure you go with lighter shades of lipstick. The darker the color you use, the tinier your lips are going to appear.  Using a shinier shade (not matte) is also helpful in giving the impression of a larger lip.  In addition, you can find a variety of lip-plumping glosses out there to choose from.

If you prefer to go with the more natural approach, a great idea is to use the essential oil peppermint.  If you mix a few drops into your lip balm before applying to your lips, upon applying you will get a tingly feeling and your lips will temporarily have a plumper appearance.

Exfoliating your lips is key in getting rid of dead skin cells.  Also it helps to prepare your mouth for long-lasting  lipstick application.  And if you blend some nude eyeliner or concealer around your lips, it will produce an amazing 3D effect.

All of these ideas will help plump your pout and give you full kissable lips.  For a more in-depth understanding of how to plump your lips, please see the full article here:
7 Easy Ways To Fake Fuller Lips