How to Make your Nail Polish Last

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Does your nail polish chip within just a couple of days after you’ve done your own manicure at home? If you’re looking to see how to make your nail polish last, there is a way to help those perfectly manicured digits look chip-free a lot longer. You just need to cap the tip.

What can you do to make your nail polish chip-free?

By capping the tip of your nail, you are preventing the very tip of your nail from being exposed once the polish has dried. While drying, polish has a tendency to shrink slightly, exposing the tip. To cap your tip, you should apply a thin coat of polish at the very end of your nail. When you are using a top coat, be sure to paint on the top most edge of your nail, maybe even paint over the nail a little in order to get the clear coat slightly underneath the edge of your nail.

Capping is simply using nail polish to cover the tops of your nails so the nail polish won’t get caught on something and peel off.  If done properly, your homemade manicure will last for days (if not weeks). You will be the proud owner of perfectly manicured hands.

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