Latest Trend in Hair color: "Bronde!"

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If you’re looking for the trendiest color of the year, look no further than “bronde”.  And as the name implies, bronde is a color that falls between blonde and brunette. Usually it has the warm caramel shades of conventional blonde hair blended in with the warm earthy hues of a warm medium brown shade.

However, one of the fun parts of this look is how easily you can customize it.  Bronde can turn in the direction of a more icy shade of blonde and a more ashy tone of brunette instead of going for the warm honey tones.

Did you know you can get this up-to-date bronde look at home?

The application of the color can be done at the salon or at home.  If you have medium to dark brown hair to begin with, that makes accomplishing this look quite simple. It’s just a matter of finding a darker blonde shade and lightly painting it on in the pattern you wish.

Again, because of the look’s customizability, there are really no wrong answers here about how to blend your shades of blonde into brown hair. If your base color is not brown, things can be a little more complicated.  As soon as you get the color you want, you’ll still need to use a shampoo and conditioner that protects and conditions your hair in between touch-ups.

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