The Latest Beauty Fads (that actually work)

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Lines, creases, acne, brown spots, and dry skin.  Whatever is bugging you about your skin, you will certainly find something on the beauty shelves that promises to fix it.  But even while the latest beauty fads promise a world of difference that they can’t deliver, there are beauty products that are popular that actually do what they promise.

The old-fashioned routine of clean, tone, moisturize is in need of an update. With all of the serums, oils, moisturizers, masks and essences out there, it can be confusing and overwhelming.  How do you remember which products to use and in what order?  Skincare experts have been able to ascertain the most vital products we should be using and how.

Are you still using the three-step regime of cleanse, tone, moisturize as your skincare routine?

After you’ve cleaned, sealed, hydrated and plumped your face, you might need just a little bit more. Instead of running to the closest beauty counter and buying all new skincare lotions, why not try a facemask that is specific to your skincare needs?  Sheet masks are great and they offer a variety of skincare remedies to choose from.  Another perk, they are a good low-cost choice since you can typically buy them separately.

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