How to Keep the Beautyblender Clean and Ready to Use

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In the makeup world, beautyblenders are the best discovery since red nails. Expert makeup artists and some celebs are preoccupied with these egg-shaped sponges because they blend foundation seamlessly into your skin and make contouring simple.  But you must take good care of this easy-to-use sponge or it can end up creating problems for your skin.

Did you know you need to clean your beautyblender after each use?

Stay clear of those quickie hacks that could end up doing more harm to your skin then they do good.  A few seconds in the microwave sounds good, right? Wrong.  Iit may kill a few germs, but it will leave some really ugly ones behind that end up in your sponge and on your face.  Alcohol is another hack.  And just like the microwave process it does kill germs, but it will leave your sponge dry and dead as well.

It’s best to just leave your BeautyBlender soaking over night in a mild cleaner such as a baby wash. Then give it a few gentle squeezes and prop it up on its original packaging to dry. The package is designed to do this. Tough stains may need a little something more.  It is recommended to use a solid cleaner.

Add this step to your routine to keep your skin fresh and clear. It is quick and easy to keep your beautyblender clean and germ-free, and it will help you to look your best.  Also, don’t forget that to keep your skin clean and clear, make sure to change your beautyblender once a month.

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