How to Make Your Tan Lines Disappear

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Have you been working on your summer tan, but now you’re suffering from tan lines–or worse, recovering from a farmer’s burn?  SELF has some great advice on how to hide those unsightly lines!

When preparing for an event, consider using body makeup to blend your skin together with a matching pallet. Body makeup is specifically formulated to be waterproof, and heavier to create a more matte foundation. Application works best on a clean slate–using a body scrub and oil free lotion where you need to apply the foundation is a great idea to start.

Rather than apply with your hands, use a buffing brush and then set the makeup with powder to ensure it stays rain or shine. Based on the severity of your tan lines, you may need to layer up to get just the right skin match.

And keep in mind that at the end of the night, you will need to use a body oil to remove the makeup since it’s waterproof. So go ahead and experiment with body makeup this summer when tan lines strike–you won’t be disappointed!

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