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As you age, you can become completely preoccupied with your eye area. The dark circles are annoying, and the fine lines are never ideal, and then there’s tear troughs.

What is a tear trough?

A tear trough is simply a groove or a very slight indent caused by thinning skin (so appears bluer and darker than just a dark circle) and a slight bagging of the eye, These combine to create a slight shadow. If you are just using a plain old concealer, it isn’t going to do a good job of hiding them.  And if you think adding more concealer will help, it won’t.  It could make it worse.

The basic premise in treating them is that two different products are required, one to deal with the dark circles which usually go hand in hand with tear troughs, and then one to help visually bring out those sunken areas with good skin care and the right makeup.

Start off using a peach- or salmon-coloued corrector to carefully fix dark circles.  Next, apply a tiny amount of concealer in a light shade alongside the deepest part of the tear trough crease. Again, it’s imperative that you are accurate and specific when applying to the nearby skin.  If you aren’t, it won’t help with the look of tear troughs and can make the eye area look puffy.

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