Helpful Tips to Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Day

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Applying foundation is one of the most important steps in your makeup routine and if you do a hasty job of applying foundation, the rest of your makeup could suffer.  Because of this, it’s important to learn the best techniques in applying foundation for a flawless look.

Have you heard of the setting technique called “baking” your makeup?

The most important step in your makeup regime is your foundation.  But a close second in importance is your primer.  If you skip these steps, everything else that follows could crumble. You’ll find tips to keep your face fresh and flawless all day and night.

There are lots of tips for quick and smooth foundation application. It’s important to let your moisturizer sink in fully, and to apply a smooth layer of a good primer. In addition, more complicated makeup tips like “baking” your makeup after application with translucent powder can really make your foundation last. And, for the best results, finish with a setting spray to make sure that all of your makeup stays on for as long as you need.

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