Helpful Tips for Dry Hair

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Have you been abusing your hair more than usual lately?  Maybe you need some help putting back some moisture with these helpful tips for dry hair.  It may be time to take a break from heat styling tools and sprays and work more with what your hair does naturally.

A great indicator that your hair is dry is when a comb or brush won’t slide through your hair when you brush it. If your hair requires significant help, you might need to go into the salon for help from your stylist.

How do you repair dry  and damaged hair?

Repair & restore damaged hair especially if your hair is obviously delicate and damaged.  You can find special shampoos to help you rebuild damaged hair by reinforcing the hair fiber.  Make sure you are letting your split ends heal.  Add product to your hair before you blow it dry or use a heated flat iron.  This helps seal and defend your hair from more damage.

Make a haircut appointment.  It doesn’t matter if you know the reason for your hair feeling so dry.  It could be from coloring, hot irons, or hair dryers.  Trimming the dead ends is a fast and simple method to make your hair feel refreshed. The best advice here is to cut your hair in a style that works with your hair’s natural texture or a color that is closer to your own. Work with your stylist to get a great look.

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