Healthy Hair Care for the Winter

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It’s no mystery that winter is a very drying time for skin and hair.  You could end up with chapped lips, flaky dry skin, and hair, and that can cause problems.  This time of year can be harsh on your hair, so you’ll need healthy hair care advice for the winter.

One of the main ways to maintain healthy hair is to avoid high-heat methods of styling. This will dry out and damage your hair even more. Try other styling methods such as using curlers or going to bed with your hair wet.

Also you need to make sure your hair is dry every time you leave the house. You should not shower and then leave the house.  Going out with wet hair actually freezes it and causes breakage. If you don’t have time to wait, use your hairdryer on a cold setting to avoid causing damage.

Have you tried a moisturizing hair mask to fight the drying effects of winter?

If the weather feels very dry, you may want to increase the moisturizer in your shampoo and conditioner.  You can also try DIY hair masks that you can make at home with simple ingredients in your cabinets.  Also, try not to wash your hair too much so you don’t strip the natural oils.

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