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Whenever you dye your hair, you have to take special care of it. You want the color to stay bright for as long as possible, as well as avoid unnecessary damage to your hair. There are hair masks that you can do at home to keep your hair bright and hydrated.

Color-treated hair comes with its own set of particular worries. There’s the difficulty in making sure your color remains bright until the next time you color your hair. Moisture also becomes crucial because most permanent dyes are damaging and drying to hair. You can end up with split ends and frizzy hair.

Did you know that you probably have the ingredients for a great hair mask right in your cupboard?

Try some DIY hair masks that will help your colored hair stay bright, moisturized, and healthy. There are masks made of oil, beer, avocado, banana or egg yolk.  It depends on your preference but using these ingredients is an easy way to hydrate your color-abused hair.

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