Hair Extensions Expert Explains Everything about Hair Extensions

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If you’ve thought about changing your look by changing the length of your hair, you’ll find information and expert advice in this hair extensions tutorial.

There are many ways to create versatility with hairstyling from color treatments with dye, giving texture using a heated crimper tool or adding length or volume with hair extensions.

Are hair extensions right for you? Which type?

There are ways to add length, texture and volume to the hair using hair extensions. Depending on the type of extension (weave, quick weave, fusion or clips) there may be preparation work for better results. Not all extension types work well on every hair type.

Some of the techniques used like sew-in weaves are anchored into cornrows causing minimal damage to the natural hair. Softer, thinner textures can be damaged by the threads used to secure the hair. Other bonding materials like glue or tape are just as effective and cause little damage as long as it is removed correctly. Trying new styles that your natural hair wouldn’t permit is possible by using hair extensions.

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